Couples Therapy

The three factors that most commonly lead to divorce are financial issues, sexual issues, and the presence of over-involved in-laws.  Regardless of whether you have been in a relationship for 30 years, or 3 months, issues like the ones mentioned above, and a host of others, can trigger conflict. We are here to help mediate crisis, and help you to foster growth in your relationship.

Some questions to consider before scheduling your first session could include:

  • Do we both want to stay together? If the answer is no, do we need assistance in how to break-up in a manner that is respectful to both of our emotional and logistical needs?

  • Is there something that I need help disclosing to my partner? What is holding me back from talking to my partner about this?

  • Do we need assistance in working through conflict effectively?

  • Are we engaging in team parenting, or is that an area in which we struggle?

  • Are we both happy with the quality and quantity of both physical and emotional intimacy in our relationship?

  • Is there someone or something coming between us?

Whether your goal is to stay together for life, or to safely end a relationship, we are here to help. Couples of all kinds are welcome to our safe and inviting practice.

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