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Kathryn Offers Two Types of Professional Consultation.

The Self-Led CEO


Take your practice to the next level by redesigning it through an Internal Family Systems (IFS) lens. Owning and operating a private practice and/or wellness center with an IFS perspective can be a win-win for both you and your community. Unblend from the parts of yourself that demand unrealistic expectations at the expense of your happiness and health. You are absolutely capable of success and empowerment. The ways in which you run your business can benefit your staff and community at large in an authentic, holistic manner. Learn how to operate with solid goals in place, while still maintaining work-life balance and self-compassion. Consultation is available in one-hour blocks or in small business groups. This consultation is specifically for private practice owners and wellness center CEO’s.

Business Meeting

Equine Counseling & Consulting


Kathryn offers on-site or telehealth counseling that is tailored to the complex needs of horse farm owners and their colleagues. Whether it’s barn conflict, clashes with barn vision, complete burnout, performance anxiety, or toxic barn culture, Kathryn can help.  Years of experience working with horse farm owners, equestrians, and jockeys have given her a unique perspective on why horse people are passionate and also misunderstood.  This type of counseling and/or consultation is brief and goal-focused. This is also offered for couples experiencing conflict who work within the equine field.


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