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Concierge Counseling & Therapy Services

Our concierge therapy service is an individualized and intense approach to counseling and therapy, in which the client pays a fee to retain the services of a counselor for a set amount of time. This service starts at the most basic of levels, with the cost increasing dependent on how often communication, therapy, and emotional wellness counseling are needed. Services are provided in a combination of our office, the client’s workplace, and specific meeting spots (if exposure activities are deemed necessary.)

Couple Undergoing Couples Therapy & Counseling Bethlehem PA

Included in a Concierge Therapy & Counseling Package:

  • Two 60-90-minute sessions per week (one in-person and one via telehealth.)

  • Priority daily email reply, five days per week.

  • Set on-call hours per week that allow a client to reach out to his/her therapist and receive immediate contact for the purpose of counseling and therapy. 

Who Can Benefit from Concierge Counseling & Therapy Services?

  • Individuals who are struggling with grief or sudden loss and do not feel emotionally ready to drive.

  • Individuals who have a phobia of driving or agoraphobia (a condition where a person fears and avoids public places or situations that might cause them to panic.)

  • Individuals whose health, career and/or lifestyle make one-hour weekly sessions in an office setting inconvenient. 

  • Individuals who would like to involve various family members in their therapy experience.

  • Individuals who require increased confidentiality that they would not otherwise have in an office setting.


An added benefit to this service is that it allows for the therapist to take on the role of collaborative care manager between all professionals involved in the individual’s care. 


Not sure if this service would be a good fit for you? 

The majority of our clients find that one weekly session of Cogitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is effective and helps them make positive changes to their lives.  If you feel that you need a higher level of therapy or counseling care, please call our office at 484-263-0197 to discuss concierge service packages. For the best therapy and  concierge counseling Bethlehem PA, Allentown PA, Lehighton PA, and the Greater Lehigh Valley offers, call Nickischer & Associates today.

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